Children neglect parents: Survey report of “Help Age India” reveals surprising details

Hyderabad: Many aged parents are worried about their negligence by their children. In 59.47% cases, parents complain about their children.

“Help Age India” conducted a survey in metro cities of India which reveals surprising details that Indian society is neglecting old aged parents.

According to 2001 Census, there were 7.66 crore aged persons which increased to 10.38 crore in 2011.

In urban areas 29% and in rural areas 71% aged persons live. The persons who are dependent on others are 51.1% in urban areas whereas in smaller cities 12.4% live depending on others.

In AP, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, there are 10% old persons whereas in Kerala, there are 13% and in Delhi 7%.

Following are the percentages of ill-treatment meted out to parents:

City Percentage
Bengaluru 70
Hyderabad 60
Guwahati 59
Kolkata 52
Chennai 49
Mumbai 33
Delhi 23

The survey also revealed that 61% daughters-in-law disrespect old age persons whereas 59% sons behave in the same manner. 7% daughters also misbehave with their parents whereas 6% sons-in-law are involved in misbehaving.