Children need to be encouraged to voice their thoughts: UNICEF

Bhopal: Children should be encouraged to voice their thoughts and opinions as they have the right to share their views on issues concerning them, a UNICEF official has said.

“The children have a right to speak on issues which matter to them and they should be encouraged to share their views,” Manish Mathur, officer in-charge UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh, said yesterday at Galdubba (Tamia) in Chhindwara district on the occasion of ‘Universal Children’s Day’.

Around 90 children participated in the event. Some tribal children from Patalkot area under Tamia in the district spoke about things they enjoy at their school and the challenges they face.

The children also voiced their thoughts about discrimination, non-availability of electricity and what they wish to do after completing education.

A booklet on ‘voices of children of Patalkot’ was also released by Mathur. He said that he will share the booklet with the state government so that it reaches people who make decisions for children.

On the occasion, the ‘Gyan Vigyan Potli’, a library was also inaugurated which will be maintained at Vigyan Sabha centre in Patalkot so that children get access to books.

UNICEF Communication Specialist (Madhya Pradesh) Anil Gulati said all children have rights which are equal at all times, and it is indeed a call to all stakeholders and adults to make efforts so that children get their rights.