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“Children Bank of India” instead of “Reserve Bank of India” on Rs 2000 notes distributed by SBI ATM

“Children Bank of India” instead of “Reserve Bank of India” on Rs 2000 notes distributed by SBI ATM

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, fake notes of Rs 2000 were distributed by the State Bank of India (SBI) ATM with completely absurd errors in New Delhi.

According to Hindustan Times, the issue came to light when a customer, Rohit, customer care executive withdrawn notes from an SBI ATM in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar. When he found the errors he bought the issue to the police.

He noticed it closely and found ridiculous errors as the rupee sign and the RBI Governor’s signature was missing and it was written ‘Bharatiya Manorajan Bank’ instead of ‘Bharatiya Reserve Bank’.

The more ridiculous error made was Children Bank of India’ and ‘Guaranteed by the Children’s Government’ instead of ‘Reserve Bank of India – Guaranteed by the Central Government.’

There are many more errors that are listed here under:

  1. Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank instead of Bharatiya Reserve Bank
  2. Serial number 000000
  3. Rupee sign missing
  4. Churan Lable instead of strip with leaf markings
  5. P.K. logo instead of RBI seal
  6. I promise to pay the barer two thousand coupens (sic) instead of I promise to pay the bearer the sum of two thousand rupees
  7. Governor’s signature missing
  8. Churan Lable instead of the Ashok emblem
  9. Children Bank of India instead of Reserve Bank of India
  10. Guaranteed by the Children Government instead of Gauranteed by the Central Government.

The people behind the issue are yet to identify said the police. A case had been registered at Sangam Vihar police station under IPC sections 489-b, 489-e and 420 for manufacturing documents resembling currency notes, using forged or counterfeit notes and of cheating.