Chikungunya patients can be treated at home: IMA Noida chief

Noida: With at least two Chikungunya deaths being reported from here, Indian Medical Association’s city president said a person suffering from the vector-borne disease need not be always hospitalised and can be treated at home.

“In chikungunia cases one does not need hospitalisation. Patient should consult a physician and take medicines at home,” Dr AK Aggarwal, IMA Noida president and director city hospital said.
Normally paracetamol tablets are given for fever along with an anti-allergic medicine. Patients need to take a lot of fluids. Normally fever subsides in 4 to 5 days, he said.

Death occurs only in cases where there are other complications of renal failure or other serious ailments person was suffering before the high fever. Mortality is more in persons older than 65 years.