Chief Justice had no reason to breakdown: Majeed Memon

New Delhi: Nationalist Congress Party leader Majeed Memon today said the Chief Justice of India T.S. Thakur had no reason to breakdown, as the issues that he had raised are very well known to the Prime Minister of India.

Memon said, “Honorable chief justice had no reason to breakdown, because the reason that he had raised, are very well known to the prime minister. There is nothing new. He has spoken about the insufficiency of the strength of the judges, the vacancies lying there and arrears mounting from time to time. These are all issues which we are lamenting for quite some time”

“I have myself also raised this in the house, that we need more judges and we should see that the vacancies should be filled up simultaneously, the day, one judge steps down, the next judge should be ready, we should not start a process thereafter,” he told ANI

“And why should there be so many vacancies, let us fill up the vacancies first and enhance the strength. We need more judges, per Million people we should have 50 judges but, we have got hardly 15-17. Therefore these are all issues which are not personal to Chief Justice of India (CJI) or Prime Minister, that the Prime Minister responds and says that in close we will discuss these issues. I think it needs to be very transparent, it must enjoy full confidence of 125 crores people of this country but I am sorry nobody is bothered about it,” he added.

A visibly emotional Chief Justice of India (CJI) TS Thakur had made a poignant appeal to increase the number of judges in order to handle the “avalanche” of litigations, to which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was present at the event, assured him of the government’s intervention.(ANI)