Chidambaram blames political parties for delay on ‘T’ decision

Home Minister P Chidambaram on Saturday blamed four political parties for the delay in taking a decision on the Telangana issue.

Addressing a press conference here, Chidambaram said that four out of eight political parties were yet to give their opinion on the statehood issue. “There is a demand for a decision and from my side, from the Government of India side, we are requesting the four political parties which still have not expressed their opinion to quickly make up their mind and tell us their view,” he said while hoping that the parties would give their views on the issue.

Chidambaram admitted that he has been getting requests from many circles, including the Congress MPs, for an all party meeting. “We are ready to call for a meeting of eight political parties once we get the signal that the four political parties out of the eight are ready with their opinion,” he said.

The Union Home Minister also expressed regret over the suicides for the cause of Telangana. “I do not know the facts of each case, but assuming that each case is related to Telangana, it’s deeply regrettably that young people should be persuaded or should persuade themselves to take their lives,” he said. “Taking ones life does not advances any cause. In fact one should live and fight for the cause,” he advised the Telangana youth. (INN)