Chicken or vegetarian? We leave that choice to you: Vistara’s dig at Air India

NEW DELHI: “Chicken or vegetarian? At @airvistara, we leave the choice to you!,” was Vistara’s take in an apparent dig at Air India over its decision to not serve non-vegetarian meals to economy class passengers on domestic routes.

In a post on its Twitter handle, the full-service carrier announced that it will continue to allow passengers to relish the food of their choice.

The cheeky ad said “At @airvistara, we leave the choice to you ending the sentence with a smiley too.

“Vistara serves two vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal choices each in Business Class and options between vegetarian and non vegetarian in Economy and Premium Economy class. We serve a combination of everyday favourites, regional and international specials, in six meal cycles at a time,” according to the airline.

The Tata-Singapore Airlines joint venture also provides Starbucks coffee on all its flights.

Vistara’s announcement comes after the national carrier Air India said it will not be serving non-vegetarian meals to passengers travelling economy class on domestic routes in order to cut costs and prevent wastage.

“This is an attempt to rationalise costs. We have also realised that this will reduce wastage to a great extent because we carry extra vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals,” Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani said told.