Chicken pox, measles outbreak in Hyderabad

Chicken pox, measles outbreak in Hyderabad

Hyderabad : As the season is taking a turn there has been a spurt in cases of measles and chicken pox in the city. Every week 6 cases are being treated at fever Hospital Nallakunta. However doctors are hopeful that the number of cases will drop with rise in temperature.

Doctors have advised that the best way to contain it is to isolate the patient as the diseases are most contagious. Patients towel, soap, utensils should be kept separate.

Doctors have advised pregnant women and children take precaution. Children are more prone to chicken pox and measles.

Once the vesicles are formed, it takes around four to five days for the lesions to crust. The infectivity of a patient drops to 20% after crusting.