Chicago to be colder than Antarctica, Mount Everest, today

Chicago is set to undergo one of its coldest days on record on Wednesday as it will have a high temperature of 12℉ below zero (-12). The maximum temperature ever recorded below zero was 11℉, it experienced twice before in 1994 and 1983.

Chicago residents to expect an unusually deep and dangerous freeze. The new high temperature below zero in Chicago on Wednesday could be colder than some of the coldest places on earth.

For instance, it will be colder than Mount Everest (high of -8℉), Nuuk, Greenland (high of 14℉), North Pole, Alaska (high of 10℉), and Barrow, Alaska the northernmost point in the United States (high of -8℉).

Due to this extreme cold, Chicago Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday as the temperatures could present a hazard for children travelling to and from school.