Chhota Modi escaped while Bada Modi snoozed: Congress

Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of snoozing when fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi escaped from the country Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted that Nirav Modi, who he referred to as “Chhota Modi”, was arrested after the Opposition party questioned PM who he referred to as “Bada Modi”.

In a tweet, Congress spokesperson said,
“1/1/2018-Chhota Modi escapes India after looting ₹26,306 Cr. 23/1/2018-Nirav Modi poses with PM Modi in Geneva. Till Nov 2018-He travels the world. 9/3/2019: Telegraph exposes Nirav Modi in London. Cong questions PM. 20/3/2019: Chhota Modi arrested. Who Snoozed? Bada Modi!”

Randeep Surjewala’s statement came after Nirav Modi, the main accused in the USD 2 billion PNB scam case, was arrested in London and a court on Wednesday remanded him in custody till March 29. The Court said there are “substantial grounds” to believe that he would fail to surrender if granted bail.

As reported by India Today, the Metropolitan Police in a statement in London said, “Nirav Deepak Modi, 48, was arrested on behalf of the Indian Authorities on Tuesday in Holborn,”