Chhattisgarh ki ladiyan tana-tan ho gayi hain: Another sexist remark by BJP MP

RAIPUR: In an utterly sexist remark, Chhattisgarh BJP leader and MP Banshilal Mahto said that girls from the state are ‘tan-a-tan’.

He was speaking at a wrestling competition programme, when Mahato compared the girls from Mumbai and Kolkata to those in Chhattisgarh and made this shocking comment.

In the video, Mahto is purportedly heard saying, “Majaak mein bhale le liya jataa hai inn baaton ko, lekin Bhaiyalal Rajwade aksar ye baat kahte hain kee Korba ki turi aur Chhattisgarh ki ladiyan tana-tan ho gayi hain (People often take it as a joke, but Bhaiyalal Rajwade [Chhattisgarh sports minister] often says that turis [young girls in Chhattisgarhi dialect] from Korba and Chhattisgarh’s girls have become tana-tan).”

The 77-year-old BJP leader‘s comment had triggered outrage across Chhattisgarh. This derogatory comment has angered people across the state and they demand a public apology.

Women Activist, Ruby Mukherjee said that Chhattisgarh government should take action against MP Bansilal Mahato.

“This kind of language is outrageous. He should be sent to jail for this remark. The whole community of women must raise their voice against this MP and I want Chhattisgarh government to take action against him,” she said.