Chhattisgarh: Govt schools complain of obscene pics on tablets

Bastar: A few government schools in Chhattisgarh have complained that the tablets given to them by the Government to track the attendance of teachers and students online show obscene photographs on the screen when the devices are started.

“Since last few days, we had received complaints from different schools regarding the malfunction of the tablets given to them by the government. While checking it was found that tablets show obscene photographs whenever somebody tries to log in. Similar incidents have been others schools also in the state. We are working on this and the problem will be rectified soon. Till then, we have asked the schools to work offline,” Garun Mishra, Cluster Resource Coordinator, told ANI.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development had earlier distributed tablets in schools across Chhattisgarh to help teachers to record routine details.

The move was taken to enable better assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a school, which in turn will help the authorities to devise ways to improve educational standards. (ANI)