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Chhattisgarh BJP leader who ran Gaushala used to sell dead cows, bones, skin

Chhattisgarh BJP leader who ran Gaushala used to sell dead cows, bones, skin
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Raipur: Harish Verma, Chhattisgarh BJP leader used to sell dead cows to butchers and trade its skin and bones after the death of cattle. Earlier, he was arrested after the death of nearly 300 cows in Gaushala run by him.

According to the news published in News Bits, initial investigation reveals that shelter’s owner has sold the skin of dead cows for fishing activities.

Earlier, after villagers of Rajpur claimed that the shelter of Verma had carcasses of cows thrown around on the village outskirts, President of Gauseva Ayog (Cow Protection Commission), Bisesar Patel, Dhamdha SDM, Rajesh Patre and veterinarians visited to inspect the shelter.

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According to the news published in Hindustan Times, on Saturday, Drug Inspector General of Police, said, “Gauseva Ayog’s allegation was found to be true”.

It may be mentioned that in Gaushala run by Harish Verma, nearly 300 cows died due to starvation and lack of medicines.

It is also reported that Harish was charged under section 4 and 6 of Chhattisgarh Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act 2004, Section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and Section 409 of IPC. Police are on the lookout for seven other accused.

Gaushala received grants of Rs. 93 lakh since 2011 but the money was allegedly not used in cow shelters. Police is also investigating allegations that cows were deliberately starved. However, Harish Verma claimed that cows died due to the collapse of the wall.