Chennai: Constable kills man for conning him pretending to be ‘woman’ on FB

Chennai: Life on social media can be exciting but meddling around with someone could pose a threat to one’s life. Duping people online on the pretext of marriages or even pretending to be a woman to a man could sometimes drive him mad with rage.

A similar incident is reported from Chennai’s where a 32- year-old Police Constable murdered a 22-year old man in W Pudupatti in Virudhunagar district who had been cheating the constable pretending to be a woman.

The 32-year-old constable reportedly took a 10 day leave to meet the online lover he believed was a woman and traveled to his hometown Vathirayiruppu (Watrap), which is only at a distance of less than 5kms from W Pudupatti,

But when he reached to meet him he learned that he was not only fooled by a man but he also conned him off his money. The victim and the constable grew closer online on Facebook.

According to investigators, the constable with the Ennore Police along with his three accomplices hacked a plan to murder the victim on Thursday night.

“The Watrap police have arrested three of Kannan’s accomplices, Vijayakumar, Tenzing alias Tamilarasan and another Tamilarasan and charged them with the murder of S Ayyanar,” the officer said adding, “they have admitted to the crime during interrogation and a police team has launched a search for Kumar.”

The victim Ayyanar, had enrolled in a teacher training course and had created a fake account on Facebook. He met the constable online an started an online relationship with him pretending to be a woman.

The officer said, “They even chatted online,” and “Ayyanar spoke to Kumar in a soft voice and made verbal overtures, and the constable soon believed that he was in love with this person.”

But things turned ugly and Kumar learned the truth through suspicion after Ayyanr refused to meet him in person said Virudhunagar superintendent of police M Rajarajan said, TOI reported.

Depressed over the deception, Kumar attempted suicide by consuming poison in his father’s house but survived and was rushed to the hospital.

“When his friends came to visit him in hospital, the constable hatched a plan to take revenge on Ayyanar,” SP Rajarajan said, adding that, “Kumar and his friends kidnapped Ayyanar and hacked him to death.”