Chennai: Cabbie sets car on fire after Police seizes vehicle

Chennai: Angered over Traffic enforcement seizing a cabbie’s car that was parked on Jawaharlal Nehru Salai near Ambica Empire hotel, the cab driver lit his car on fire.

The cabbie identified as Madarassan, 27, was also booked for drunk driving while his car was seized by officials, TOI reports.

“As Madarassan worked as a cab driver with a hotel, he feared he might lose his job if his employers knew of it. In order to escape, he devised a plan and torched the vehicle stealthily after pouring petrol on it,” said the police official working on the case.

No fatalities were reported in the incident.

On checking the CCTV footages, the Police found it was Madarassan who had actually set the car on fire.