Chennai Auto driver mortgaged his rickshaw to save the life of a Passenger

A common thinking passenger have about Auto drivers is that are not good in helping people but for this man Auto driver turnout as a lifesavers. This Chennai auto rickshaw driver’s gesture to a passenger puts to rest all standard images people have of them.

According to reports a passenger, aged about 57 years boarded K Ravichandran (48) vehicle from Ramapuram to go to a mansion in Triplicane in Chennai. “On the way to Mount road, I heard and saw him wailing in pain, holding his chest. I took him to a nearby clinic,” the auto driver from Old Washermanpet recalled.

The elderly passenger was subsequently referred to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital where doctors, after tests recommended a pace-maker.

Though the passenger’s son arrived from Kolkatta that night by flight, Ravichandran had to ensure the patient gets immediate treatment. The cost of treatment and the pace maker, which was about Rs 1 lakh was reduced to Rs 47,000 after talks with the Dean.

“The passenger’s son had only Rs 15,000 after spending on the flight tickets. I decided to pledge my autorickshaw, the only property I owned and managed to pay the balance,” says Ravichandran nonchallantly.

On Sunday, Ravichandran was rewarded by the Anna Auto Welfare Trust, an organisation which works to give recognition to auto rickshaw drivers.