Chennai: Assaulter tries to slit girl’s throat for rejecting him

Chennai: Enraged over unrequited love, a 23-year-old man in Chennai attacked a 17-year-old student for accepting him.

The man could not handle the rejection and sought a plan to rather kill her by slitting her throat, TNM reports.

The incident took place on Tuesday when the attacker Solomon Raja stopped the girl on her way back to home in Ayanavaram. He tried slitting the girl’s throat using a blade could not succeed in the act as the girl defended herself and escaped the attack with injuries on her right hand inflicted with blade.

One of the investigating officers of the case said, “He claims to have known her from a young age. When she told him to back off, he couldn’t handle it. He repeatedly threatened her saying he will commit suicide if she doesn’t go out with him.”

The victim girl had repeatedly turned him down which enraged the assaulter said the police. But it was only on Tuesday the assaulter wanted to kill her in his rage.

“This enraged him. He said if I don’t get to be with you, no one else should either. And then he tried to slit her throat with a blade. He is telling us that they had known each other from childhood and that she is his friend. He doesn’t understand why she cut him off so suddenly,” says the officer.

The victim was injured on her right hand in her defence and is currently undergoing treatment for her injuries.

The Police have booked the assaulter Raja under sections of attempt and murder including harassment and he has been taken into judicial custody.

This is the second incident reported from Chennai after the earlier assault attack which claimed Aswini, a BCom student’s life who was reportedly stabbed to death by her stalker.

Previously, it was city Police’s inaction towards the assaulter that led to her Ashwini’s murder.
While in 2016, a techie Swathi, was a Chennai techie, was hacked to death by her stalker while she was waiting at the Nungambakkam railway station.