Chennai artist designs handmade replicas, dolls out of clay

Chennai: If you have ever fancied a cute miniature version of yourself, a sculptor artist from Chennai can make it a reality.

Haricharan, an engineer by training says he developed his passion for sculpture into a profession and is now creating customized-miniature versions of people to gift to their loved ones.

The sculptor, who started his ‘My Cute Mini’ Facebook page in 2014 said, “I started this work made out of passion from July 2014. From a young age, I have been doing clay modeling. I am an engineer basically but very much passionate about art.”

He added, “I tried making models out of it and posted it on Facebook and the response was huge.”

This sculpting initiative which started as a hobby has now turned into Haricharan’s full-time job and he has been winning hearts since then.

There is nothing that one can’t get to be made into a doll at ‘My Cute Mini.’ From your favorite cartoon characters to a miniature form of you or your loved ones, customers can find everything.

“We do custom made miniatures of people, replica miniatures which can be gifted on birthdays, weddings and other occasions,” Hariharan said.

He also explained that these personalized miniature dolls are a gift which is associated emotionally. “This is a very emotional gift; usually customers gift it to their loved ones, mostly on weddings and birthdays. So, even small damage to it affects the person emotionally.”

Shahida Bano, a local who came to pick up a customized doll version of her daughter, said, “I placed the order of this doll for my daughter and this is very beautiful.”

While Haricharan turned his passion into a profession, the art enthusiast aspires to expand the reach of sculpting and fine arts in the country.

“I want a lot more people to come into sculpting and fine arts. Currently, we don’t have universities and colleges in our country who actually focus on teaching sculptor work,” he said.

Sharing his future plans, Haricharan said, “So, my future aim is to start a college or an academy where we specifically teach this miniature making and this type of art.”