Chemistry prevailed over arithmetic in LS polls: Modi in Varanasi

Varanasi: In a veiled attack on the opposition and political pundits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that chemistry prevailed over arithmetic in the Lok Sabha elections and said that the hattrick of results in 2014, 2017 and 2019 polls in the Uttar Pradesh has given a new direction to national politics.

Addressing BJP workers on his first visit to his constituency after the massive mandate for him and his coalition in the country, he accused political experts of attempting to create a negative perception about his party which was still being treated as a political untouchable.

The political experts were also practicing selective sensitivity and humanism when it comes to killings of BJP workers in Kerala, West Bengal, and Tripura by keeping quiet on the killings of hundreds of BJP workers for political reasons.

Modi said, “Today UP has given a direction to national politics. Even though I am speaking from Kashi but all of the Uttar Pradesh need to be thanked. UP is consolidating the base of democracy. 2014, 17 and 19 is a hattrick of BJP win and UP has a major contribution. Like in 1977, the elections in 2014, 2017 and 2019 they are not local results. But even after three elections if political pundits are not able to read the situation and understand our work if they do not agree then their thoughts have faded. They are for the 20th century not for the 21st century.”
Apparently referring to the grand alliance of SP-BSP and RLD, Modi said, “We regard a grounded person more than a person who had plenty of degrees. There is chemistry ahead of arithmetic. There is a chemistry of society and power, ideals and will and it defeats all the permutations and combinations. ”

Conceding that politics is all about perceptions and maintaining “we are what we are”, he said the established opposition of the past 70 years made use of lies to make sure there is a wrong and distorted perception about us. Bad perceptions can be defeated by transparency and hard work. We have to take forward positivity.”

But, Modi said, there was no alternative to hard work and leadership, amidst of all negativity.

“We feel this success is harmony between government and party. Whether it is in the states or the Centre there should be a synergy between the government and the party. The government does policy, the party does strategy.

There should be a synergie between policy and strategy. When there is synergy then the country is reaping its benefits.

“Work and workers, there is a charisma. Work and workers create wonders. Worke and workers are a catalytic agent.”

Appealing to the opposition to work with the government in the interest of democracy, Modi said when some parties come to power they want to make sure that there is no place for any opposition. But when we come to power the opposition is robust. “Democracy is in our veins we come to power then the opposition begins. When some other party comes to power then there is no place for any opposition. to power then there is no opposition left.”

Referring to Tripura, he said for 30 years there was Communist rule in the state and there was no opposition there. “I want to ask political pundits that In Tripura where the communist rule for 30 years, was there any opposition? Did any political pundit question that? In Delhi media, was this issue ever discussed. Now that our government is there for hardly two years, there is great opposition. The country should be run on the spirit of democracy we have a responsibility. It is not a charity.”

Referring to the functioning of Parliament, Modi said it should be used for debate. “But when the opposition has no issues and they are afraid of being exposed then they make noise and stall proceedings of parliament. Constitution gives us the responsibility to recognize oppositions power and wherever we get chance we make the opposition say.

Even if it is one person he should be allowed”

Modi also said the country has been wrecked by vote bank politics in the past. “Our democracy is crushed by vote bank politics. No one gets the courage to speak openly due to vote bank politics. The poor people of the country had to wait for so long to make their voices heard. No one was ready to hear them. It was not that they were not speaking, it was not that they were not expressing, it was not that there were movements. Everything was happening but no one was doing anything because they were thinking of vote bank politics.”

The Prime Minister then said, “It was our thinking to rise above vote bank politics and think of Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. And that is why we implemented the 10 percent reservation for general category. If we would have followed vote bank politics, then we would have also gone the same way. Whoever is the citizen of my country should get the benefits of the government’s scheme.”