Check Thalassemia among children: President

Hyderabad: President Ramnath Kovind , today expressed serious concern at the growing Thalassemia problem in children despite the country achieved significant development in health sector. The doctors community have to focus on spreading awareness to check the problem and the governments should work on to diminish the serious anaemia problems among the children in villages he said. Addressing a gathering at Karimnagar after visiting Pratima College an inaugurating Auditorium, Thalassemia and Sickle-cell unit.

Ramnath Kovind said that the people in the villages should be alert on the problem and get awareness on blood donation and help children live longer. Medical Tourism is flourishing in India though the children in rural areas are facing acute bloodlessness. Kovind also stressed need for extending same treatment being offered in cities and towns to the rural areas. The central scheme of Ayushman Bharat is a blessing for the people across the country as lakhs of the poor are getting free treatment and health services he noted. He expressed content that the girls ratio in medicine is growing in the country which has so far addressed polio and small pox diseases successfully.

Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao said that a large number of people are falling prey to Thalassemia. Medical professionals should create awareness among people and about 2 lakhs of blood units require for changing the blood among the patients. There is a need for free blood donation and awareness to check the problem he felt.