Charge-sheet against Kanahya Kumar: Centre’s conspiracy

HYDERABAD: National President of AISF, Mr Syed Waliullah Quadri told that charge-sheet filed by the Delhi police against Mr Kanahya Kumar and others is a conspiracy of the Central Government to suppress the voice, raised for getting justice.

He asked the Central Government, “Where was the need to file the charge-sheets after three years just before parliamentary elections?”

He further told that in the video in which the students are seen raising anti-India slogans, Kanahya Kumar is not seen. It is only that the government is afraid of Kanahya Kumar’s popularity.

BJP in connivance with Delhi police is making an attempt to furnish the image of JNU. He alleged that by appointing communal V.C’s in the universities government is making an attempt to spoil the peaceful academic atmosphere of the universities.

He condemned the charge-sheet and threatened that protests would be launched till Kanahya Kumar gets justice.