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Charantala temple in Meghalaya all set to get a major facelift

Charantala temple in Meghalaya all set to get a major facelift

Tura (Meghalaya): The scenic beauty of northeastern states makes them stand apart from many other parts of India. These states are home to several religious sites which attracts devotees from across the world.

The Charantala temple in West Garo hills’ Babedpara is all set for a major facelift and is expected to attract more tourists to this quaint little place in Manipur.

The Charantala temple is being revamped to promote it as a popular religious site.

The temple attracts 10-15 lakh pilgrims every year from across the country and is considered the “most visited” pilgrimage destination in Garo hills of Meghalaya.

The temple is located at Selsella in West Garo hills, about 55 km from the town of Tura.

Mumbai architect Chandra Shekhar Rao has come up with a plan for the temple.

“We have not received any funds from the government so far, but presently have received an assurance that the government is willing to provide assistance. We have received generous donations from devotees and managed to gather funds to begin our new construction,” said Ram Singh, one of the members of Charantola Kali Puja Welfare Society.

The reconstruction work of the temple is likely to begin within a month.

Immensely popular among the Hajong and Koch tribe, the temple was built in 1965.

According to the folklore, the temple was constructed after an epidemic struck the village, leading to huge loss of life. Prayers and offerings were made to goddess Kali on the instructions of a fortune teller from Bangladesh, which apparently put an end to the deaths.

In the last five decades, the temple was built with generous donations from the devotees. A three-day annual prayer ceremony is held during the month of April or May as per the Hindu calendar.

The devotees believe their wishes are fulfilled on offering prayers at the temple.

“Initially, only the local Hindu population offered puja here, but slowly the temple rose to prominence and devotees from different parts of the country started to flock here,” said Jibendro Narayan Koch, Secretary, Charantola Kali Puja Welfare Society.

For Hindu devotees from Meghalaya, Assam, West Bengal, Nepal and Bangladesh, the temple is considered a “must-visit” site to pay obeisance to goddess Kali.

The authorities urge the government to pay attention to the development of the temple so as to make it a popular destination among the devotees, thereby drawing more tourists to the state. (ANI)