Chaos over Russia, Iran, Syria: Documentary shows Obama’s last bitter days of Presidency

The last days of Barack Obama as the US president in White House were filled with chaos regarding f-word confrontations over foreign policy, revealed a new documentary. The Final Year has been directed by Greg Barker and produced by Magnolia Pictures, who had followed Obama and his staffers during his last 12 months in the office.

Senior officers claimed there was nothing to force the Iranians to abide by their conditions of the deal that were supposed to stop them from having nuclear weapons, quotes The Daily Mail.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications was shown in the documentary as saying, it took ‘too long’ to get the measure of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Final Year covers the officials in 21 countries and highlights events such as the Syrian peace negotiations, Paris Climate Accord, the Iran nuclear deal and Obama’s visits to Hiroshima and Laos.

Regarding the internal negotiations on peace in Syria, Obama’s US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power says it is ‘beyond frustrating’ and ‘haunting’ that they couldn’t do more.

“There’s no issue where my thoughts and my feelings and ideas have made such a marginal impact on desperate people,” she says. “Of course, I ask myself had I made an argument differently, I think we could have tried other things (sighs)…there’s a whole drama there,” she adds.

Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry says “Samantha will get her point of view out there as tough as anybody else. We joke and commiserate at times when we’re both in the same place and don’t get what we wanted. Sometimes we have some tough arguments in this business.”

While Rhodes further says, when Obama’s final address to UN should have been ceremonial, he had a ‘huge fight’ with Power over the tone of speech. Where he had sided Obama on the issue.

Rhodes is highly controversial in the Trump White House. Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury revealed senior officials believe Rhodes – whose brother is president of CBS News – is a serial leaker who orchestrated attacks on the Trump administration using the classified material.

He is critical of the current President Trump and says he is part of the ‘retrenchment forces pushing back from the other direction’ away from Democratic values.

Assuming that Hillary Clinton would win, Power had invited some women, including Gloria Steinem and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The last scenes of documentary show the shock of Obama advisers on election night.