Change your toothbrush, floss teeth regularly for healthy teeth

During monsoon, a lot of dental issues can come up and effect dental health. It is important to change your toothbrush, replace it often and floss your teeth regularly, say experts.

Gunita Singh, Director at Dentem, an orthodontic clinic, and Tanvir Singh, senior orthodontist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, have listed out precautions that can help:

* Change your toothbrush, replace it often with a new one as it can help maintain oral hygiene.

* Regular flossing is recommended. The suggested floss length is 18 inches per flossing session. With a day-by-day flossing plan, that means approximately 45 feet of floss a month. Stock up to abstain from running out.

* Proper healthy diet enriched with Vitamin C and calcium along with seasonal foods and vegetables is essential. The nutritionally beneficial fruits and vegetables in monsoon are apples, pears, strawberries, curd and oats.

* Regular dental check-ups are a must for every individual. It not only keeps your teeth in a healthy state but will also indicate any early stage problem.

* During this season, we also tend to enjoy hot beverages like coffee and tea, which contain caffeine that leads to dental decay and staining. Try to have less of both.