Change in cinema faster than growth of kids in India: Neha Dhupia

Mumbai: Actress Neha Dhupia feels the changes in cinema in India are coming at a faster pace than the growth of children.

Neha on Saturday attended a panel discussion here organised by the India Film Project on the lines of changing dynamics of the Mumbai film industry.

Asked about the interaction she was going to have with film students, she said: “Whatever I talk, by the time these students end up making a film, things must have changed as the face of Indian cinema is going to change again. I think the only thing growing faster than kids in this country is change in cinema, so I don’t really know how much advice I can give.

“But I can definitely tell them what I have seen because it’s a blessing in certain way. I feel in a most definitive way that since I have been in cinema for so many years, I see a whole change.”

Asked about the changes she seeks in the Indian film industry in the coming years, the “Julie” actress said: “I think we always have to understand the audience because they are the most important part of cinema or anything you do when it comes to entertainment. Understanding of the audience is the most important aspect in filmmaking and being true to your craft is also important.

“I feel filmmakers should make stories which they really want to tell. Somebody is going to like it and somewhere it’s going to make a difference. If nothing else, there will be a small dent in the universe and guess what? It’s still better than not leaving an impact.”

Neha was last seen on screen in the Irrfan Khan-starrer “Hindi Medium”. Now she is busy with her celebrity chat show “No Filter Neha” and she will next be seen along with Vidya Balan in “Tumhari Sulu”.