Chandy writes to PM Modi, seeks explanation over ‘invite’ controversy

New Delhi, Dec. 16 : Days after he was uninvited from an event in Kerala and the furore that followed, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy extended wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to convey the truth behind the ‘controversy’ but also demanded to know why the latter did not intervene in the matter.

“On 11th evening Mr.Vellappally Nadesan informed me through Mr.K.Babu, Minister that intelligence agencies have informed him that there will be some protest in the meeting if I attend the function. Again on 12th December Nadesan conveyed to me to keep away from the function and I have no option other than to abide by his request. And on 12th by 1PM my office issued a press release showing that I will not be attending the Kollam programme as requested by organisers,” Chandy’s letter said.

He also said that it was ‘unfortunate’ that Union Ministers Rajnath Singh andRajiv Pratap Rudy has ‘misled’ the Parliament in their reply to the adjournment motion in the house without even verifying the facts him or his office.

Chandy said that he was baffled as to why the invitation to him has been withdraw in which he was obliged to attend as Chief Minister and that it was the first public programme of the Prime Minister in his first visit to Kerala.

“All political parties except BJP and media have said that this is an insult to the people of Kerala. Usually I keep away from controversies, and it is surprisingly that PMO hasn’t intervened to avoid controversies. I wish to know what would have been your reaction if such an incident happened in Gujarat while you were the Chief Minister,” the letter added.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi had earlier accused the Prime Minister of insulting the people of the state by having Chandy dropped from the event.

“PM has insulted the people of Kerala by stopping our Chief Minister from attending a function. The chief minister is the voice of the people of Kerala. This is simply not acceptable to us,” Rahul said. (ANI)