Chandrayangutta attack case: witness identifies bullets seized from Abdullah Yafai’s house

Hyderabad: Panch witness recorded his statement during the hearing of Chandrayangutta attack case and identified the bullets seized from the house of accused. Witness (49) Junior Assistant B Srinivas associated with Revenue office, Shaikhpet who is the panch witness told that CCS police had taken him to the house of Abdullah bin Younus Yafai where the investigative officers seized 5 packets of bullets in his presence. Assistant Commissioner of police M Srinivas had told him that the seized bullets were of revolver.

During the cross questioning Srinivas told that he was taken to the office of 4tv news at Gulzar House where 4tv correspondent Rafi was present. He analysed DVD of attack for two to three minutes and watched the video footage of just the attack. The witness told that he did not know which other videos were there in the DVD cassette apart from footage of the attack.

During cross questioning defence counsel advocate G Guru Murthy told the court that the statement of the witness is unacceptable on which Special Public Prosecutor told the Court that only a part of the witness statement is acceptable. The witness denied defence counsel’s claim that he is identifying the seized items at the behest of police.

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