Chandrayangutta attack case: Akbar Owaisi’s T-shirt goes missing, raises doubts

Hyderabad: The T-shirt Akbar Owaisi was wearing at the time of attack on April 30, 2011 went missing from the Owaisi Hospital, under mysterious circumstances.

Hans India reported that an RTI activist Mohsin Bin Hussain Al Kasary blew the lid off stating “interestingly, the last two lines of the first paragraph on Page 7 of the charge sheet (No. 22 of 2011 in Cr. No. 135 of 2011), filed by the Central Crime Station (CCS), Hyderabad, state that “the T Shirt he wore at the time of attack was misplaced in Owaisi Hospital.” Mohsin felt that the officers who conducted the panchnama or the investigating officer ought to have registered a case in connection with misplacing/ theft of the T-shirt.

He also felt surprise over the fact that the final report mentioned over two dozen material objects that were collected from the scene of offence and also from the Owaisi Hospital premises, where the Gypsy vehicle, in which Akbaruddin Owaisi was rushed for treatment, was parked, but not the T-shirt. It appears only the T-shirt was ‘misplaced’ for the reasons best known to the police officials, he exclaimed.

Mohsin maintained that there is a widespread belief that the alleged attackers did not have firearms and they did not fire at Akbaruddin Owaisi and this was the secret behind the missing T-shirt.

He also felt strange that the investigators did not try to elaborate on the steps taken to find out the ‘misplaced’ T Shirt nor the police officers who conducted the observation- cum- seizure panchnama bothered to lodge a complaint regarding ‘misplaced/ theft’ of the T-shirt.

After obtaining the case documents under the Right to Information Act and thoroughly studying the papers, the RTI activist, had lodged a complaint with the city police commissioner on October 10, 2014 seeking appropriate action but in vain. Hence he said he was left with no other option but to approach the High Court seeking action on his representation.