Chandrayangutta Assembly Constituency: Congress candidate Esa Misri receives Wakf Board notice

Hyderabad: Telangana State Wakf Board issued a notice to Congress candidate, Mr. Esa Misri for using Noori Function Hall which is a wakf property for political activities.

It may be mentioned that as per the wakf act, no wakf property can be used for any political activity.

Mr. Mohammed Waseemuddin, a resident of Bandlaguda made a complaint to TS Wakf Board that Mr. Esa is using Noori Function Hall for carrying out his political activities whereas he is the lessee of this function hall.

CEO of Wakf Board issued a notice to Mr. Esa in which he has been instructed not to use wakf property for political purposes. In case of violation, Wakf Board reserves the right to cancel the lease of the function hall.

It is understood that the Wakf Board is taking this action under pressure from the local political party. It may be noted that Noori Function Hall is a wakf property registered under Khankha-e-Nooria which is under the direct control of Wakf Board. Wakf Board has leased this function hall to Mr. Esa Misri for a consideration of Rs. 1.75 lakh rent per month. Mr. Esa Misri is contesting Assembly seat from Chandrayangutta as Congress candidate.