Chandrababu Naidu says centre cheated Andhra, to protests on Budget Day

On February 1, the day when the central government will present the union budget in Parliament will be a “black day” for Andhra Pradesh, said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu calling protests on that day.

CM Naidu in his daily teleconference with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders has alleged that the Centre had cheated the state in the last five budgets.

He stated that “February 1 is a black day for the state. The BJP-led government at the Centre has discriminated against the state at every step. Unless the BJP is trounced at the hustings, justice will not be done to Andhra Pradesh.”

When the Centre will present the budget for 2019-20, he asked his party cadre to observe peaceful protests by sporting black badges and showing black flags.

Pointing out the failures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government which was publicised even in China and referring to reports in China Global Times, a newspaper in China, he said “The country has been pushed into chaos under PM Modi’s rule. There is widespread antagonism towards (Narendra) Modi due to unemployment. People are opposing the BJP.”

He further added that “Maharashtra has been given Rs. 4,717 crore while Andhra Pradesh got only Rs. 900 crore for drought relief. Andhra Pradesh suffered extensive damage running into thousands of crores of rupees due to cyclone Titli. Cyclone Phethai also caused severe destruction, but the Centre did not grant even a rupee.”