Chandrababu Naidu dubs Pulwama attack as PM Modi’s failure

Visakhapatnam: Terming Pulwama terror attacks as a failure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu launched a scathing attack on him by questioning the outcome of Balakot air strike and accusing the Prime Minister of lying about it.

Speaking to ANI on Sunday, Naidu said, “Pulwama is your (PM Modi) failure. Earlier you criticised the then Prime Minister now you want to take credit.

This air strike you gave a big statement- 300 terrorists killed, destroyed, all terrorist over. No international media confirmed, then you are blaming us. As a Prime Minister there is a stature, how can you lie, is it good? You cannot lie to the nation. India has prestige, it is a proud nation. I cannot lie, my conscience won’t permit.”

He also accused the BJP led Central government of taking a U-turn on according special status to Andhra Pradesh.

“One should have respect. Give respect take respect. You (Modi) are taking U-Turn not me, why should I have alliance with him. Our alliance with BJP was to achieve special status but they ditched us. I went to him 29 times, I approached him, his colleagues, everybody. I am standing with my people. You have taken U-turn, I am taking right direction as this is my people interest. You cannot abuse us,” said Naidu.

Speaking further on BJP dubbing Special Status for Andhra Pradesh a political agenda by TDP government, he said, “Why they (BJP) demanded it (special status) on the floor of the house? BJP demanded, Prime Minister Accepted. Are you playing, they don’t have any credibility. All political parties at the national level, they are in agreement to give special status to Andhra Pradesh. Why are they not accepting? I am asking directly to the Prime Minister. You have cheated our people.”

He also asserted that people of Andhra Pradesh are very clear about their choices and they are anti-Narendra Modi and anti-BJP.

“I am very clear. People are with us. Even 2014, Jagan Mohan Reddy played all dirty politics but people are with us. We have done so many things in spite of so many problems,” added Naidu.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had referred to Telugu Desam Party president as “U-turn Babu” at an election rally in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool recently.

Later, Naidu also hit out at Prime Minister Narendra, saying latter’s speech in Kurnool was “full of lies”.