Chandini Murder Case: Cuts on face, neck found; camera spots boy with her

Hyderabad: A Class 12 student was murdered by her lover and her body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Tuesday, police said on Wednesday.

The boy was arrested by the police, a day after the decomposed body of Chandini Jai was found on the hillocks near Ameenpur at Madinaguda. Locals who spotted the body alerted police.

The community CCTV cameras installed near the spot where Chandini’s body was found show her walking towards the hills with an unidentified boy. Police suspect that the boy could be a known person and he could have killed her, but the motive and the identity of the killer is not known, said senior police officials.

Meanwhile, a team of doctors conducted an autopsy on Chandini’s body. “Though prima facie a sexual assault can be ruled out. We have collected samples of hair, nails and swabs from the vagina and had sent them for forensic analysis,” said the police.

“The CCTV cameras clearly show Chandini walking freely with the boy. The spot where her body was found is around 300 metres inside the main road, and is covered with dense bushes and is a rocky area,” said the Police.

The place is often used by people who come there to booze and sometimes they are accompanied by sex workers. Police also found a huge quantity of beer bottles, used condoms here. The spot is so dark that even a group of around 20 persons may not be visible to people outside.

“Chandini could have died on Saturday, but due to the weather and location, the body could have decomposed fast. There are abrasions on her face, cheeks and neck,” the forensics said.

“Since the body is highly decomposed we cannot tell how she died. But all samples have been collected and will be sent for analysis. Based on the report we can know the exact cause of death,” they added.