Chada asks women to fight for their rights & freedom

Alleging that the governments were not implementing the rights of women and human rights which were mentioned in the Constitution, CPI State secretary Chada Venkat Reddy has called upon the people to wage movement for the sake of women laws and rights.

Participating in the Telangana Women Federation’s state level workshop organised at Maqdhoom Bhavan here on Friday, Chada asked women and women federation to wage movements with intensified force for the sake of their rights. He lamented that the women were facing severe injustices in the society though they were half of the society.

The women were still facing freedom less conditions though 70 years were gone after the nation getting freedom. He said the poverty was not disappearing in the society and 50 percent of the people were still under poverty line and they were not in a position to get the adequate medical help and education. He alleged that the rulers were not respecting the Constitution though they were taking pledge on Constitution.

He demanded the governments to implement 33 percent reservations to women in Legislatures and provide protection to women by giving priority to women in giving employment. He asked the governments to implement women laws perfectly.

CPI leaders Mallepalli Adhi Reddy and women leaders–Potu Kalavathi, P Srujana and N Jyothi participated in the workshop. (NSS)