‘Chabutra Mission’ of police gets popular, public irritated

Hyderabad: Questions are being raised by people on the success of ‘Chabutra mission’ launched by police a few days back. People are criticizing police that leaving commercial activities in hotels and marriage halls, police is concentrating on ‘Chabutra mission’. It is not creating a good image of the police.

People are supporting ‘Mission against Romeos’ but they are also blaming police that police is keeping quiet for the late transaction of business and the late night activities of marriage halls. Youths come out of their houses late at nights since they do not have adequate facilities in their houses and also they do not find enough place in hotels and restaurants. If youths get these facilities, there is no need for them to sit outside their houses. Police officials know which hotels are kept open late at nights. Police have installed CCTV cameras infront of big hotels but the police officials do not bother to review the photographs of such hotels.

Police is arresting the youths who are walking on the roads and registering cases under the pretext of ‘Chabutra mission’ or ‘Mission against Romeos’. It is good that police is taking action against the youth who wander on the roads late at nights. Police has given permission for traders to keep their shops open late at nights due to which youths are found in shops.

–Siasat News