Chabutra Mission: 90 youths counseled by police

Hyderabad: Police became alert after the murder incident which took place in First Lancers recently. Police conducted a campaign for Chabutra Mission in Asif Nagar Police Division and First Lancers areas. They brought 90 youths to the police station and counseled them.

People are of the opinion that if police had been alert, the murder of Sharfuddin in First Lancers would not have occurred. It is also reported that police claimed that he was murdered for not paying “Mamool”.

Mr. Ashok Chakraparty, ACP of Asif Nagar Division informed that the details of the cellphones and the activities of the youths who were brought to the police station were elicited. They were advised not to wander in the streets till late at nights. He further told that Chabutra Mission would continue in Asif Nagar Division. He advised the youths not to waste time during nights and not to spoil their health by using cellphones for a longer time. He also told the parents to be vigilant about their children.

–Siasat News