Centre’s plea on un-disputed land nothing but political gimmick and poll stunt: Muslim leaders

Lucknow: The Centre on Tuesday moved Supreme Court asking that it lift the status quo on non-disputed land around the disputed site and hand over the surplus to the original owners.

Muslim parties and community leaders are stunned over the move. Reacting strongly over this, they have declared it a political gimmick and poll stunt and an attempt to appease disgruntled saints.

Convener Babri Masjid Action Committee Zafaryab Jilani expressed anger and wondered how the government of a secular country can support one of the parties on such a sensitive issue.

Meanwhile, chief priest of Ram Lalla idol which was surreptitiously planted in a tent after demolishing Babri Masjid also said that Ram temple cannot be constructed till the dispute is resolved.

Imam of Eidgah Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahal said BJP has become jittery fearing its defeat hence it is resorting to political gimmicks and such poll stunts.