Centre using law as weapon against opposition: Congress

New Delhi, Dec. 9 : Intensifying the battle over the National Herald Case, the Congress on Wednesday accused the NDA Government of using a law as a weapon against the opposition and said that the Centre had been actively involved in playing ‘revenge’ politics since the day they came into power.

“We are raising our voice against the Centre who is targeting the opposition and misusing their power. This government is functioning on revenge politics and have been doing so since the day they came to power. But we understand that this is a legislative matter and are sure that the truth will triumph,” Congress leader and deputy leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma told ANI here.

Asserting that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was using the law as a weapon, Sharma said that the ruling party was blind to the charges that were being levelled against their own leaders.

“Three of their chief minister’s have massive cases against them and one of them is clearly involved in money laundering, but they don’t take any legal action. They change the rules of the ED and reopen closed cases,” Sharma said.

Talking about the charges by the BJP of blocking the GST Bill in the Parliament, he said that the ruling party was raising a furore over the same bill they had blocked for five years when they were in the opposition.

“Is there only one major bill relevant to this nation? What about women’s issues? Juvenile justice? The bill that they stalled for 5 years has now become a matter of life and death to them. The Parliament does not exist for clearing one bill and if they think that, then it’s an insult to the Parliament,” he added.

Earlier today, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi reiterated that the court’s order in the National Herald case was the result of political vendetta coming from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

“This is 100 percent pure political vendetta coming out of the PM’s Office. This is their way of doing politics. I have full faith in the legal system of this country and we will see at the end what comes out…the truth will come out,” Gandhi told reporters here.

He further escalated the attack on the BJP Government, saying they know who is actually threatening the judicial system of the nation.

“It’s the other way round. We all know who is threatening the judiciary,” he added. (ANI)