Centre to sort out Andhra, Telangana issue soon

New Delhi, Aug. 25 (ANI): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said the Centre is working towards sorting out issues between Andhra Pradesh and Telengana under the Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act.

“Whatever issues are there between Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. We are working on sorting them out under the provisions in Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act soon. The earlier this matter is sorted out, the sooner Andhra and Telangana would be able to focus on their development,” Singh told mediapersons here.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have locked horns over a division of assets and liabilities following the reorganisation.

According to reports, the Andhra Pradesh Government decided to stay away from the ongoing process of division of assets and liabilities.

The Andhra Pradesh Government decided on this after receiving representations from thousands of employees working in 90 public sector undertakings. (ANI)