Centre should focus on Dengue rather than initiating such orders, says Kejriwal

New Delhi, Sept 18 : Responding to the Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung’s order to the officers not to follow the Delhi Government’s order which were declared ‘null and void’ by the Centre, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said that the Centre should help fight Dengue rather than instructing such orders.

“The order of the LG says that the central government has given him the instruction. In that order he has said that all the officers should follow that order. I want to request central government and Narendra Modi ji that Delhi is fighting with Dengue and in such situation this kind of letter is not right,” Kejriwal told ANI.

He also added that “If they want to do something than they should help Delhi government to help fight this disease.”

In the memorandum issued by the LG’s Secretary, it was stated that officers would face strict action for non-compliance with the order.

The memorandum stated that any officer placed with the Delhi government acts contrary to the orders/directions of Government of India and it’s delegates i.e Lt Governor and takes any action against the provisions of the Constitution, laws and rules to implement “illegal and ab initio void orders”, will be held responsible for such action and shall invite action.(ANI)