Centre ready to talk to all outfits within framework of Constitution: Rajnath

Chenga: Union Minister Rajnath Singh today said the Centre is prepared to talk to all outfits within the framework of the Constitution but not tolerate insurgency-related violence at any cost.

“We are ready to talk to all but only when they do not use weapons. Violence has to end and we will not tolerate insurgency at any cost,” Singh said while addressing a rally here today.

The people have a “big weapon in their hand and it is the Constitution” which will be basis for all talks.

“If people want change, they must have faith in the Constitution and end violence,” he said.

On the issue of infiltration, the Union Home Minister said BJP would completely seal the Indo-Bangladesh border with the help of Bangladesh government.

He further said India is perhaps the only country in the world where people of all major religions live and the government will ensure that they live in harmony.

Singh alleged Congress government in the state has failed to address the major problem of Brahmaputra’s erosion but “I promise after BJP forming a government in the state will take up the issue with top priority and resolve it”.

“It is indeed sad that the people of Assam suffer from floods and in some parts of the country there is drought. The BJP government is working on inter-linking of rivers to share water between the states,” he added.

Singh further alleged that the state government has failed to provide power, irrigation facilities, employment to youths, proper schools, doctors or medicines in hospitals and they do not have the moral right to go to people asking for votes.