Centre planning to reduce import of edible oil, increase production rice bran oil: FCI

New Delhi: With the aim of reducing the country’s import dependency for edible oil, which is about 60 percent of the total production presently, and in line with the ‘Atma Nirbhar’ campaign, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has recommended increasing the production of rice bran oil in India for domestic use.

It has also been suggested that the states may consider giving an adequate financial incentive to the rice mills for procuring required machinery for producing rice bran oil through industrial policies.
As per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the National Institute of Nutrition, rice bran oil is one of the healthiest oil, especially for those with a heart condition.

Speaking to ANI, Dinesh Garg, the Director of Aarti Extraction Pvt Ltd, Chandauli called the import dependency “unfortunate”, and said, “Unfortunately, we have to import palm oil because that is the only oil available worldwide. Other oils are very expensive, and therefore out of reach of a common man.”

“Oil will always be cheap. The industry can only process, raw material has to come from the fields. So we should motivate the farmers to grow oilseeds,” he suggested.

“Rice bran oil is a by-product of rice mills. Mills have several problems because their work is limited to three to four months. If it’s more, then more rice bran oil can be available,” he added.

Notably, the quality of rice bran oil depends on the handling of raw material i.e. paddy.
“From all over South East Asia to Japan, rice bran oil is used for cooking. Although, their method of handling paddy is completely different. To be able to provide good quality oil at affordable prices, we need to educate farmers, promote oilseed. This will definitely reduce imports,” Garg said.

“Let’s understand that 12 to 13 kg of bran comes out in 1 quintal paddy and only 3 kg of oil comes from it. So if rice mills get more paddy, then we will produce more. Then we will also extract more and good quality rice bran oil,” he added.