Centre gives licence to Bajrang Dal, orders to release goon who assaulted Muslim

Lucknow: The Bajrang Dal leader Vivek Premi, who brutally assaulted, Riyaz, a resident of Banat locality in Shamli in Muzaffarnagar will soon be out.

As per reports in jantakareporter.com, the district administration had slapped National Security Act against Vivek Premi, for his extraordinary act of violence.

But now the PM Modi led government at the Centre has decided to revoke the National Security Act (NSA) instructing the state administration to ‘urgently’ considers releasing him from the jail.

Indian Expressed quoted the excerpts from the Ministry of Home Affairs, “After careful consideration of the representation, the Central government is pleased to revoke under section 14 (1) of the National Security Act, 1980. The detenu may be released forthwith from the jail unless he is required to be kept in jail for any other case. He may be tried in the cases registered under the normal law of the land and a watch may be kept on his activities.”

The district administration had conjured up NSA against Premi in July and it was approved by the state government in the same month.

The UP Advisory Board, which takes the final call on confirmation or removal of NSA, had given its approval in August.

Premi after that approached the MHA, now controlled by the BJP requesting that his captivity under NSA be revoked.

As expected, the MHA without wasting any time has oblige the request of Bajrang Dal goon.

“The MHA sent a radiogram revoking the NSA against Premi. I issued direction to jail authorities two days ago for his release,” said Shamli District Magistrate O P Verma.

In June, Riyaz was publicly paraded and thrashed by Premi along with the group of Bajrang Dal goons, who are repeatedly heard shouting ‘gau hatya kar raha tha. yehi anjam hoga gau hatya karne walon ka (he was slaughtering cow, this is the punishment of those who slaughter cows).

His brutalities against Riyaz had earned him and his organisation worldwide condemnation.