Centre closed Gurukuls, State funds Rs 281 cr

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari today said that Gurukul institutions and Model Schools under education department should achieve 10/ 10 GPA and 100 per cent results by availing required cooperation and help from the government.

Srihari criticized that NDA Government for failing to launch new scheme besides cancelling model schools despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi making much hype on Bethi Padhao and Bethi Bachao scheme. He launched annual program of Principals of Gurukul institutions and Model Schools at IPARD in Agriculture University in Rajendra Nagar here. On the occasion, the deputy chief minister alleged that instead of giving impetus to such institutions, the Modi Government cancelled the existing schemes and reducing the funds. Since 1,25,000 students were studying in 194 Model Schools, the State Government is spending Rs 218 cr a year for the purpose though the Centre annulled them. Keeping education for 90 per cent of SC, ST, Minorities and poor children in view the government has launched 544 Gurukul schools. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is determined to provide them with better education with quality and standards by offering Rs 11000 cr that is Rs 23 cr on each Gurukul institution, Srihari remarked. The Chief Minister promised to provide them better education by spending huge funds, he said. The principals of these two institutions should focus on achieving 10 / 10 GPA which counts for the results as not great to achieve 1000 per cent results, the deputy chief minister said.

He further said that the government spends Rs 245 cr for providing education to 18000 students in 37 Gurukul institutions. In addition to 6 Gurukul Schools upgraded as junior colleges this year, 29 more will be upgraded next year and KCR sanctioned one Gurukul each for boys and girls in 31 districts and they will be doubled next year and will get 39 more Gurukul Schools, he said. Problems of service rules of model schools will be resolved soon as they came under CPS purview now, he said. The principals should treat the students as own children and give them best education and standards so as to achieve top ranks in NEET and JEE type of examinations. The Government will give Haritha awards to schools for achieving such goals, he added. (NSS)