Central Railway combats COVID with robots created in-house

Mumbai: Setting an example of combating COVID-19 with effective use of the latest technology, the Central Railway is using robots and robotic devices designed and created in-house for the thermal screening of passengers, helping the frontline staff in dealing with passengers and treating coronavirus cases in a safe and efficient manner.

To screen passengers arriving at stations to commence their journey and to ensure a COVID free and safe journey, the Central Railway introduced the ‘Febri Eye’ and the robotic ‘Captain Arjun’.

According to an official statement, both these robotic devices are thermal-based screening systems that use heat sensors to read and record body temperatures. The Febri Eye is an installed camera which screens passengers who pass through, whereas Captain Arjun is a moving device which requires the passenger to scan themselves. In addition, Captain Arjun has an audio-visual facility, sensor-based sanitiser and mask dispenser and is equipped with wheels to sanitise the flooring too.

In order to ensure a safe ticketing process, the Central Railway made use of Automated Ticketing Managing Access (ATMA) which included ticket checking with no manual intervention.

“A mobile app called Checkin Master with OCR and QR code scanning facility was also launched to help ticket checking personnel to check PRS issued reserved tickets in a safe manner. Besides this app can also be used to mark attendance and real time monitoring of ticket checking staff.

A portable neckband Public Address System with portable amplifier and microphone helps in enabling the frontline staff to communicate with passengers like giving important instructions, regulating passengers, following social distancing,” it said.

The Central Railway said that in order to prevent infection through luggage and other forms of contact, it has started automated baggage wrapping and sanitization facility at major stations like CSMT, Dadar, LTT and Nagpur. In addition, a Foot Operated Hand Wash Vending Machine (FHVM) dispensing liquid handwash and water with zero contact was also installed for the benefit of passengers at CSMT with CSR support.

In order to facilitate passengers to monitor their health parameters quickly before and while journey, ‘Health ATM Kiosks’ have been installed at suburban stations namely LTT, Thane, Kalyan and is in the process of installing the same at other stations too.

“These kiosks are equipped with basic lab testing and emergency facilities and will be staffed by a medical attendant where commuters can get 16 to 18 types of health check-ups including Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Body Mass Index (BMI) and other health metrics at nominal charges,” it said.

Moreover, the Central Railway has made effective use of robotic devices for treating and serving patients at Railway Hospitals.

“Railway hospital at Solapur made Ro(Bot) by Mechanical Department of Solapur Division, “Medibot Jivak” made by Parel Workshop and “Rakshak” made by EMU car shed, Kurla are best examples of robotic health assistants to help the medical professionals to interact with patients, dispense sanitiser, thermometer and pulse oximeter to check patients and dispense medicines remotely,” the realease said.These Robots and Robotic devices along with other frontline staff, medical personnel and other corona warriors of the Central Railway have been at the forefront in combating COVID and in providing safe transportation of passengers and materials to every corner of the country.