Central Govt. considering work permits for NRC leftouts

New Delhi: Taking measures to do justice to millions of people excluded in Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC), the Union Home Ministry is considering a proposal to grant work permits to those excluded from the list said a senior government functionary said.

If the Ministry accepts the proposal and implements it, this will enable those lakhs of people delisted as Indian citizens to continue to live and work in India although they will no longer have the right to vote.

Well, surely this new development in NRC’s delisted citizens fate contradicts BJP leaders statements who have vowed to drive out illegal migrants from Assam.

“No country will accept them. Where can these people be sent away to? Some kind of an alternative will have to work out,” said the official on condition of anonymity.

The final draft of the NRC for Assam was published on July 30 which excluded 4 million names and included 28.9 million, HT reports.

The excluded citizens are now currently filing their claims with the state coordinator NRC under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

“The issue is being monitored by the Supreme Court, the process of filing objections has begun; much depends on when the all the claims are verified and final NRC list is ready,” another senior official who didn’t want to be named said.

“A final decision on how to deal with those who fail to qualify as citizens will emerge as we come closer to the date.”