Central committee proposed to solve Ruet-e-hilal issue

New Delhi: The difference on the issue of ruet-e-hilal has gone to such extent that two Ramadan and two Eids are celebrated in the country. Amidst the differences call for unity is also being raised. Two different factions have agreed to form a central committee comprising of scholars of all factions so that the religion is not made fun of and the Ramadan and Eid are celebrated on one day all over India, on the basis of their unanimous decision.

General Secretary All India Muslim Majlis Mushavirat, Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani said that a meeting was called by Amarat-e-Sharia and other organisations in Patna a few days ago in which it was unanimously decided that one decision should be taken on ruet-e-hilal issue. They said a central committee should be formed comprising of scholars of all schools of thoughts and all must unanimously decide on ruet-e-hilal to save the community from disintegration.

Chairman Ghareeb Nawaz Foundation Maulana Ansar Raza said as long as the Hilal committees do not keep in touch with each other the community will suffer.