Central BJP leader Ram Madhav visiting city

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national general secretary V Ram Madhav will take part in a program being organized by a social organization ‘Awareness in Action’ here on Sunday.

 The program, a talk titled ‘Look East, Act East, What Next?, scheduled to begin at 10.30 am, will be held at Satyasai Nigamagamam, Srinagar Colony, Jubilee Hills. Ram Madhav, founding-director of India Foundation played a key role in the recent times in building up India-East Asia relations and has been instrumental in founding a University of Buddhist Indic Studies in Gaya, Bihar. Look East, an important post-cold war foreign policy initiative that signaled a major paradigm shift in India’s perspective of the world, helps to achieve economic integration and security cooperation with the countries of South East Asia.

 Ram Madhav will explain why deeper economic, institutional and security relations with Asia Pacific countries is important for India, whether diplomatic and economic engagement with Asia Pacific help in counter-balancing China’s maritime advances like the Nine-Dot line, String of Pearls or naval adventurism in South China Sea, whether India can play a greater strategic role in the region given the swiftly changing security dynamics and whether it can counter-balance growing Chinese presence in Indian Ocean by building strategic convergence with Japan, Philippines and Vietnam.

The talk will enlighten the participants about the role of great democratic quadrilateral of India, Japan, Australia and US in ensuring peace and shared prosperity in Asia-Pacific and present a framework for greater Indian engagement in Asia-Pacific.

 Prof. Sunaina Singh, Vice-Chancellor of EFLU, will preside over the programme. About Awareness in Action Awareness in Action offers a Nationalist interface for informed debate and deliberations on matters of social, political and strategic importance. It organizes seminars, symposia, workshops and talks on matters of national significance. In the recent past, Awareness in Action has organised a seminar on Siachen – India’s security imparatives (with Brig Krishnaiah, Defence Journalist Mayank Singh, Col Kumar and journalist K Raka Sudhakar Rao), Talk on Nationalism (with Sri KN Govindacharya), seminar on Ambedkar’s legacy (with Vaddi Vijayasarathi, economist Dr S LIngamurthy, senior journalists Amaraiah and K Raka Sudhakar Rao). (NSS)