Census of India: Be ready with address proof

Hyderabad: It is a common complaint that the population of the Muslims is not depicted correctly in Census records.

It may be mentioned that every 10 years, the census is conducted throughout the country and data about population is collected. This time, enumerators will be provided with laptops and other gadgets so that they could record various details of the people.

Address proof

Census is conducted on the basis of the house address of the citizens. It is, therefore, essentials that citizens should be alert to produce documentary evidence of their residence.

If the enumerators make an attempt not to include any citizen in their records, they should be in a position to ensure that the entries are made correctly by producing proper evidence. It is very essential that awareness should be generated especially among the Muslims to present their cases strongly since there is a possibility that on the basis of census record, Govt. of India might take initiatives for implementing National Register of Citizens (NRC).