Censor board refuses to clear Gujarati film on Hardik Patel

New Delhi: A Gujarati movie, based on quota leader Hardik Patel and the agitation spearheaded by him, has been denied clearance by the censor board on several grounds, including usage of real names in the film, its makers said on Monday.

The decision by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) was conveyed to the makers of “Power of Patidar” today after a committee of the statutory body, which watched the movie on Friday in Mumbai.

“The movie was screened before a CBFC committee on Friday at Mumbai. After the screening, the committee clearly told our producer Dipak Soni this movie will not get clearance from the Board. They have not suggested any cuts. They have outrightly denied clearance to the movie,” Patel told PTI.

The board raised objections against the usage of real names of all the key leaders of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS), headed by Hardik and leading the agitation to get OBC status for Patel community. Hardik was released from jail over a week ago after nine months of incarceration.

“CBFC told us that we have used real names of Hardik Patel and many other PAAS leaders in the movie, which according to them, is not allowed. The board also raised its objection about the word ‘Patidar’ in the title and use of ‘Anamat Samiti’ word in the movie,” said Patel.

According to him, CBFC also found fault with depiction of Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel and mention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name in the movie.

“The Board told us the get up of an actor shown as State CM resembles Anandiben Patel, which is not allowed. Further, the board was not happy with Modi’s name being mentioned once by a young girl during a debate in the movie.” The makers have decided to knock the doors of Film Certification Appellate Tribunal to overturn the CBFC decision.

“We were told by the board that the entire movie is problematic, as we have used ‘Patel’ and ‘Patidar’ words numerous times in the movie. We will now approach the appellate tribunal to get clearance,” said the director. The entire film is based on Hardik’s agitation for quota for Patels (Patidars) in Government jobs and education. This is the second Gujarati movie, which has been denied nod by the CBFC within one month.

Last month, CBFC refused certification to the movie “Salagto Sawaal Anamat” (Burning Question of Reservation), on the ground if released in its present form, the film may create law and order problem.

Its makers have also moved the tribunal.