Cell phone furore again in Charlapally

Hyderabad, April 28: Charlapally jail officials on Friday found a prisoner possessing a cell phone. According to prison officials, one of the jail wardens

found a cell phone in the trouser pocket of Mohammed Shamin Gali, 29, during a search.

Shamin, of Hyderabad, was convicted in a theft case for five years and has already served four years of his term. On Friday morning, jail warden frisked Shamin after he finished his duty at the prison hospital and recovered a cell phone from him. As per Shamin’s version, the cell phone was handed over to him by Srinivas, of Armoor, who is serving a life term in a murder case.

“Srinivas was taken to a court in Armoor in connection with the trial. Before leaving the prison, Srinivas reportedly handed over the phone to Shamin near the prison hospital,” G Jayawardhan, Charlapally jail superintendant said.

Jail officials lodged a complaint with the Kushaiguda police and handed over the cell phone for further probe. This is the second such incident in last one week at Charlapally prison. Earlier this week, a jail warden was reportedly caught by prison officials while he was attempting to sneak in a cell phone into the prison enclosures, to be given to a D-gang member Ali Bhai.

However prison officials denied reports of any such incident.